Modern technology has given society the opportunity to work and live efficiently. It also provides different opportunities for people to engage with each other and create transactions online. Technology and the internet played an important role in improving the telemarketing and inside sales industry. It also played an important role in developing and designing live chat software.

Live chat software is a program or application designed by Live Chat, a company specializing in online marketing, chat support and web analytics. This software is used to track real time customers and visitors on a website, enabling moderators to interact and offer customer service through real time conversations. It also enables a company to monitor and track the traffic and sales a website generates. It has been used to improve different website platforms and applications specializing in different areas such as web analytics, customer relationship management, billing and helpdesk software. Some examples of these websites and applications are Joomla, Tactile CRM, ZenDesk, WordPress, Drupal, FreshBooks, SalesForce, Google Analytics, Shopify, Highrise, Magento and Skype.

Live chat software service providersalso offers two types of chat support, passive and active chat. Passive chat is activated only when the customer clicks on the chat box and initiates the conversation. On the other hand, active chat is initiated automatically by the website once the customer entered the website, searched a keyword or spent a certain time on the website.

Live chat softwareIt also offers different features aside from live chat and web analytics. Some software allows multiple chat agents to cater to different customers at the same time. Chat boxes can be customized to fit the design of the website and include the company’s logo, contact information, name and picture of the chat agent. A customer waiting feature notifies the agent of other customers using the chat box and waiting for a response. Cloud based software does not require installation but integrating the code into the script of the website. It also records conversations which can be accessed by the agent and customer to review chat histories. Most live chat software programs allow the chat box to transform into an email or contact form when a chat agent is not possible. It also records pre-defined script that can be pasted onto the chat box for faster responses.

These features offer benefits to both the customer and the website owner. For the customers, it offers them the chance to contact and reach the web team more efficiently. As for the website owner, here are some of the benefits:

  • Improved customer service

Customer service is improved because of the active communication between the company and the customer. Live chatting enables the chat moderators to provide real time support to the customers. They can cater to the problems and concerns immediately. They are also able to gather feedback on how to improve their services more.

  • Increase in sales

Sales will increase because of better customer service. Live support also prevents the occurrences of unfinished sales transactions. Satisfied customers are likely to recommend the services of the company or website to their friends and relatives.

  • Cost cutting

Live chatting saves money by cutting down the cost of customer service agents. Even the owner alone can moderate the chat support. Because the software is multifunctioning, websites no longer need to purchase web analytics services.

However, even if it has benefits, there are some cons on using live chat software. It may be inconvenient to customers who are not comfortable with pop up boxes and those unfamiliar with live chatting. It also encourages prank chats and is susceptible to interruptions on the conversation due to slow internet connection.

But even though there are some downside with live chatting, one can’t deny that its benefits weigh more than the cons.

A golf ball may look like simple golf equipment to most people, but professional and skilled golfers know there is much more than what meets the eye. There are a number of types of golf balls and even more concepts surrounding this certain golf equipment.

Rules Applied to the Golf Ball

There are two existing leading authorities in golf, the R&A and the United States Golf Association (USGA). They have created and consistently revised the Rules of Golf, the official compilation of standards of all aspects of golf. They actually have a number of rules regarding the golf ball.

The first and most basic rule is that all golf balls are required to undergo a testing and approval by R&A and USGA before they are deemed acceptable for usage. The balls should not be more than 1.620 oz. in weight and should not be smaller than 1.680 inches in diameter. The ball should also be spherically symmetrical, meaning the ball should be spherical and the dimples should be arranged symmetrically. There are even regulations regarding the allowable depth and radius of dimples, as dimples could affect the performance of the ball.

Certain limitations are also placed on the performance of the ball, specifically with its flight distance, velocity and symmetry. Golf balls that do not follow to such standards cannot be used in competitions.

The Science behind the Golf  Ball

A lot of physics is involved in golf balls, such as its velocity, spin rate, and launch angle. Ultimately, all these affect the trajectory of the golf ball and its performance upon impact on the ground. In effect, a lot of people apply aerodynamics to understand how different drives would affect trajectory and impact of the golf ball.

golf ballsTwo aerodynamic concepts are used in understanding the behaviour of golf, the lift and the drag, as the ball while moving through air experiences these two forces. For example, a player doing a backspin would generate lift by distorting the airflow around the ball; this situation is called the Magnus effect. Now, a back-spinning golf ball would be experiencing a skyward lift force. This upward lift will make the ball fly higher and longer, as compared to the flight of a non-spinning ball.

The drag is behind the idea of the dimples. The dimples transform the boundary layer of the ball from laminar, which is similar to a parallel flow, to turbulent, or a slightly chaotic flow. The turbulent flow can attach be attached to the exterior of the ball longer than the laminar boundary. This would create a tighter low-pressure wake which would then make a drag with less pressure. Ultimately, the reduced pressure drag enables the ball to travel farther.

To make sure that aerodynamics is optimize, a player should keep the golf ball clean, including the dimples. This will make certain that the ball is in its optimal form, without additional residue or physical attachment.


A golf ball compression is defined by how hard the core layer of the ball is. The harder is the ball’s core layers, the higher is the level of compression. High compression golf balls are able to have longer flight distance, since they can transfer energy more efficiently into the ball. The downside of high compression balls is the hard feel the player gets. The best description for a hard feel hit is the shock that goes through the arm of the player when he hits the ball. Low compression golf balls are the opposite. They provide a soft feel when hit but offers shorter flight distance. Low compression balls also show greater backs pins when lofted irons are used.

There are a lot more concepts surrounding golf ball but these three, by far, offers the most information, especially for people interested in this golf equipment.

Out of all the pieces of implementation that you can work with, you will see that content is king online. Content marketing is something that can either make or break your overall connection to the captive audience in any major niche today. The more you work on the different elements of internet marketing, the higher the chances are that you will gain a great deal of market share moving forward. It’s an important thing to work within and something that will definitely pay dividends overall. The key here is to understand that you will need to focus on content more than anything else.

It may not sound like you’ll be working on a diverse array of branches for SEO if you’re working on content, but when you hire SEO services to help you build this out, you will see that this takes on a whole new world. When you look at professional grade solutions for marketing today, you will end up seeing that there is a huge push forward within the world of marketing that you cannot emulate any other way. Emulating the other options, shortcuts, and implementation elements that are going to push you in the wrong direction is easy. Relying on anything with an expedited framework will cause you to lose a lion’s share of influence, which is why you should always look at working with the right pieces.

SEOOne of the most important aspects of optimization is content. Content design is often times misunderstood especially in the world of marketing today. You will find that many people assume that internet marketing that is reliant on content is only one sided. While that may be true in a lot of instances, you will see that the best options are going to rise up in a lot of different ways. Once you start to break down the benefits of real world optimization in light of this type of structure, you will see that it’s important to move forward with the right pieces, and that’s internet marketing as a whole.

The Biggest Benefit

Peel away the end result of publishing content and look at the benefit analysis up front. Before you start to see a huge amount of traffic come to your site, you will see that there is something important that is going to happen to your updates. They will be indexed with relative ease. The indexing of your page will usurp the right elements of traffic and give you a lot more control over all the pieces of your brand. You will find that if your page is indexed faster, within a few hours or even minutes of you posting an update, you will have a better shot of appearing in the news section, blog section, and even main search results. This is something that most people don’t really see at first glance, as it takes time to develop properly.

Traffic Generation

When you’re publishing a lot of information, you will eventually see a lot of traffic come your way. This is not going to be immediate however. Most people get the wrong idea about SEO as a whole. Search engine optimization can generate a lot of organic, targeted traffic, but it’s going to happen in a very nuanced manner and it’s going to take a lot of time. If you implement the right pieces today, you will not see traffic jump tomorrow. However, over time, you will definitely see a huge push and the organic search results will favor your page in so many ways that you will be able to leverage just about anything you want to online.

Traffic comes in various forms, and the best kind is organic, natural, and targeted. That’s exactly what you get when you publish content through the help of SEO services that know what they are doing. A lot of companies will say that they know what they are doing, but will they be able to showcase it? That’s a matter that you’ll want to consider as you move forward with the hiring process.

Building The Right Authority

Above all else, you will want to have an authoritative voice online. When you have authority in what you’re doing, you will be able to gain domain relevance, and so much more. There’s something grand about this and something that will definitely give you a lion’s share of marketing power if you just work on the right pieces. You’ll want to build authority and you will want to make sure that your domain name is not going to be linked with any form of spam or isolated content that is not in line with the proper protocol of the web. If you focus on the right pieces, you will gain market share, and you will end up with a lot of traffic through authority modules that you place online.

The best sites in the world have authority in what they are publishing, and that’s why they get a lot of traffic. Just think about how Wikipedia seems to be listed in the top 3 of all major search results, and you’ll realize why you need to have this type of module in place. Once you have the right pieces, you will gain leverage moving forward, guaranteed.

There are a lot of different kinds of marketing talent on the web today. If you’re looking to get help with internet marketing, you will find that many companies, freelancers, and information architects are working towards selling you on the notion that they are the best. Amidst some of those that are saying they are the best, others are just pounding the proverbial pavement and building customized SEO strategies for anyone that will hire them. The interesting thing about these iconoclasts, is that they are not hung up on the traditional problems that some marketers face.

The Panic of Panda and Penguin

SEOWhen Google decided to unleash their latest algorithm changes, marketers ran for the hills. Some of the ones that have been “gaming” the system for a long time were especially worried, because they saw their sites take nosedives in terms of traffic. In fact, many businesses were closed completely after the effects of this change. Even though there was a lot of noise online, there were some that didn’t care. Those that didn’t care are iconoclasts in these modern times, and you can definitely find them, but be wary of their methods.

Most often, those that aren’t worried about the shift in the algorithm, are working outside of the doom and gloom version of SEO that many companies are selling right now. Instead, they focus on large quantities of assistance, and hit all their client’s websites with so much, that they gain rankings by brute force.

Brute Force Still Works When Dealing With SEO

There are some sites that can benefit from the methodologies of iconoclasts in the SEO world, and it’s because they focus on quantity instead of quality. That doesn’t come cheap, but they see major ROI through constant methods, that are frowned upon otherwise. For instance, they will generate backlinks in the millions. Not only that, they will use what are known as “pyramids” to build various cycles of links, and will do this in the hundreds of thousands, so that by sheer force of will, pages get ranked higher. When the rankings dip, or the traffic stalls, they then inject their method yet again and again for a page until they finally get blackballed from the world of search.

This may not sound optimum for your business, but that’s not the concern of the SEO professionals that are doing this. They will continue to hit the pavement and not worry about any of the changes, all the while causing major issues in regards to the rankings that they are trying to work within. By the time small businesses realize that they are not getting any sort of ROI, they’ve already spent thousands on services to get them noticed more often.

Winning Search Engine Optimization

The best way to work with the modern world of search engine optimization is to not hire the iconoclasts. They will exist under the world of “black hat” methods, and will always be around. However, if you want to longevity, true traffic, and integration with social media, you will want to find a good company to work with. Ask them about their methods and look to see if they are concerned with the latest updates from Google and other search engines. If they show no sort of concern, then be careful in hiring them. You will find that the best firms that work with optimization and marketing as a whole, will not only be worried about the changes, they will take action to ensure that every bit of their work is done with “white hat” methods, so that your brand and site do not get penalized for anything that is deemed outside of the rule book.